Offering the newest Party Buses and Mini Coaches on the Central Coast!


You dress up in your new outfit. Then you style your hair a little different than usual. It’s the weekend and your friends have planned a night on the town.

The catch?

Everyone will be carpooling. And what do you know? The one friend who always “forgets their keys,” forgets their keys. Now you are stuck driving. Plus, the night loses its vibe when your group is split up among 3 cars.

For this reason, our party buses are the most convenient option for all types of transportation.

Our Party Bus Rental Service is Perfect for…


Whether you, a friend, or a family member are celebrating their day of birth, a party bus adds to the fun. Not only do birthdays mrk another year of life, but they also give you a reason to spend time with people you care about. A party bus allows you to travel the city with style, comfort, and confidence that you’ll get home safe at the end of the night.

Bachelorette & Bachelor Parties

We have given rides to thousands of “fling before the ring” parties. So we know how hard it is to keep everyone together. That’s why we suggest using one of our party buses while you have a good time.

Sporting Events and Pre-Gaming

You may not know this, but party buses are great for pre-gaming a sports event! In fact, we service many sporting events along the Central Coast.

Nights Out on the Town

Need a party bus in Paso Robles? What about a party bus in San Luis Obispo? No matter which area on the Central Coast you want to explore, we have the ride for you. If you want to skip the drama over the designated driver, check out our party bus rental services.