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The Wild West Of California Wine

The Wild West Of California Wine

Wine, to some a simple beverage but to many a way to express their emotions. The whole term ‘wine’ is such a blanket term however as we go deeper into the blanket, we can find that there’s a world of hidden gems still needed to be discovered each with its own distinct qualities. It is astonishing that how some simple grapes can get fermented into a masterpiece which can literally hold the world still and help people to experience each moment to its finest.

When we think of tasting wine, it will always be a nice experience but when we talk about visiting the place where the wine is actually made, that’s is where the true magic and essence of the wine lies. A moment and essence brilliantly captured throughout Paso Robles and San Luis Obispo. Paso Robles Wine Country located between San Francisco and Los Angeles along California’s Central Coast is home to more than 200 wineries which produces award-winning wines which quite literally transport you to a state of ecstasy.

In short, Paso Robles is the wild west of California wine. The town El Paso de Robles (which means Pass of the oak trees) was co-founded by Kentucky outlaws Frank and Jesse James’ uncle Drury around 1869. Today, Paso Robles is still known for its rule-breaking nature and innovative yet wild spirit, the principles on which the town was founded. Almost all the wineries in Paso Robles follow a simple approach, keeping things old school as we say it. Their mission is to capture the true essence of wines past down by their ancestors and let you experience the true beauty of each wine. In this giant American viticultural area, there are over 45 different soil series, including granite, sedimentary, volcanic, and sandstone. Being also rich in limestone soil, wines of Paso Robles are some of the world’s most sought-after and age-worthy wines you will ever taste.

In addition to soil diversity, the area sees rainfall levels that vary from desert-like 10 inches per year up to 40 inches in the higher elevation regions further allowing the wines to retain high levels of natural acidity. As stated before, Paso Robles produces an amazing diversity of wines however the key styles of Paso Robles wines to pay attention to can be summed into 5 categories. Zinfandel and blends, Cabernet Sauvignon and Bordeaux-style blends, Rhône Blends including Syrah, Grenache n Mourvèdre, as well as Viognier, and Cal-Italians including Sangiovese, Nebbiolo, and Barbera. Besides this, Paso Robles does some non-traditional blends as well. We can now see producers using Spanish grapes like the white Albariño, or Verdelho, red Tempranillo and the Portuguese Touriga Nacional (the main grape of Port wines) to their repertoire. These grapes are being utilized in a very unique way of showcasing their true colors and flavors which gives birth to some fantastic blends which are used in a very effective manner by the wineries. Experiencing the true essence of wines on such unique and exceptional terroir is a once in a lifetime experience that you would definitely not want to miss.

Besides this, there is another region that has made its way to be the key producers of wines in California. That region is known as San Luis Obispo. Similar to Paso Robles, San Luis Obispo, or SLO for short, is a city in the state of California, located roughly midway between Los Angeles and San Francisco on the Central Coast of Southern California. Mostly all the wineries present here are family owned providing quality wines that are very therapeutic for the body. Unlike Paso Robles, which mostly provide a wine experience that is closely linked to nature, the wineries in San Luis Obispo project and function with a different spirit altogether. Following SLO’s urban wine trail, it can clearly be seen that for them, wine is a celebration mixed with different emotions. An essence which can be tasted in the wines they produce. It is due to this that the SLO wine country is home to almost two dozen wine varietals reflecting the inherent nuances of the geography and the creativity of the local winemaking culture. Keeping things simple yet youthful at the same time, we can see almost all the wineries incorporating Chardonnay grapes in all their fantastic blends of white wine. Besides this Burgundian varietals are also very famous while Rhône varietals, including Syrah and Viognier, have also come on strong in recent years. Like wineries of Paso Robles, the soil present in SLO wine country has an abundance of sedimentary rocks such as sandstone, shale, and limestone, as well as a variety of marine fossils as well. However these soils are much younger than Paso Robles and are very lean and shallow  Such soil attributes bring beneficial stress to the region’s grapevines, producing fruit with inherent balance and intensity.

So the question that arises now is how can we go to these beautiful wineries and experience life like never before. Well, the answer to that question has become very easy just because of a company named Elegant Image Limousine service. That moment of being in a classy limousine with your family and friends with a fresh glass of wine in your hand driving through beautiful scenic hills and oceans of Paso Robles and San Luis Obispo is an experience that can only be defined as divine, to be honest. The aim of the current CEO of Elegant Image Limousine Service is to invest time in quality and flawless client service while giving each client the newest and the best limousine for them to have the time of their life. The whole business is built on the foundations of giving clients the utmost importance.

So stay happy and invest into your own happiness by going to these beautiful wineries with your family and friends and enjoy the truly wild nature of California like never before.      


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