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Bitter Sweet: Paso Robles Wine Country

Bitter Sweet: Paso Robles Wine Country

Traveling along the 101, you may not know the secrets of the beautiful Central Coast of California.

We know everyone loves an adventure and Paso Robles wine country is the perfect location. With mountains, beaches, and deserts, the area is suitable for any journey. This particular wine region is popular for its hot springs, warm summer days, and cool evenings. In addition, Paso Robles wine country is home to a diverse abundance of wineries and beautiful scenery.

Paso Robles is known as one of the United States’ greatest wine growing regions. Wine grapes were first introduced to Paso back in 1797 and started its commercial winemaking in 1882. It is widely known for its almost perfect climate for award winning grape vines, with over 32,000 breathtaking vineyard acres. Located between two Los Angeles and San Francisco, Paso Robles Wine Country produces over 40 different selections of wine, from your Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot to even their own heritage wine, Zinfandel. Paso, also known as ‘The Pass of The Oaks’ is unique for their diverse variety of wines that come from the rich vineyard soil.

Wine Tasting/ Winery Trails in Paso Robles

With so many acres of vineyard land, making over 200 wineries within the Paso region. Where do you even start?
Not all of us have all the time in the world. Wine tasting trails run all over the Paso area, they may be as broad or as limited as you choose. Paso Robles has wine tasting trails to suit all desires. It offers a wide spectrum of wineries from the boutique to the famously visited. In fact, many visitors come to the region for wining and dining, stunning views, and to sit at dog friendly wineries! Each winery in Paso have their own unique creations and personalities they bring to their wine they produce. To help you decide on what your choosing is, here is a list of pre-made wine tasting tours within Paso Robles for your convenience.

Elegant Image Limousine Services

Nobody likes to drive and lets face it, having something organized for us makes everything easier and who doesn’t like to arrive in style?

Let’s have someone do it for you. Elegant Image Limousine services the Paso Robles region. With 23 years of customer service experience and with the largest fleet in the San Luis Obispo region, we have you covered. Our fleet includes updated vehicles with a wide range of capacities. We even specialize in wine tours in the Paso Robles region. With a free deli plate for all wine tasting tours, Elegant Image Limousines makes your wine tasting journey perfect. Whether you want just one winery or you want to mix it up around the region, you can! However, If you don’t want to personally make your own trip, leave it up to our concierge to do all the planning for you. Elegant Limousine Services wants your occasion to be special and most importantly enjoyable.

So do yourself a favor and find your perfect plan to visit one of California’s most beautiful coasts. Arrive in style with your feet up. And let your taste buds thank you for the unique wine tasting experience.

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